Here you can find all the plenare (plenaries) we had in Space Camp 2012.

26th of July - pre-Space Camp, in Chișinău Edit

People attending: Chris, Daniel, Julien, Lisa, Natacha, Radu, Suz

To-do in bold.

1. Dates Edit

The camp is from the 30th of July to the 5th of August. Some people are coming earlier.

On Saturday: Anatolie, Ale, Chris, Lisa and Natacha

On Sunday: Daniel, Julien, Suz, Rosa?

On Monday: all the others

2. Sunday market shopping there Edit

Clarify how we can use M. Grâu's car -> Anatolie

Check where and when and what to buy -> Anatolie

3. Materials Edit

  • Everybody take Daniel's leftovers
  • Huge water bottles: Daniel brings one (with garbage bags), Julien and Suz briing the other one
  • Everyone should bring other small ones (there are several in Daniel's place)
  • Lisa and Natacha will take some from Art Labyrinth
  • Lisa and Natacha will buy in the open-air market:
    • candles
    • toilet paper (minimum 8 rolls)
    • chalk for drawing and writing on the walls
    • a volleyball ball
    • sponges
  • Chris brings mustard powder
  • Anatolie: is there enough gas?

4. Workshops Edit

Making an open schedule: everybody fills in.

  • Chris: clown, slef-defense
  • Julien: consensus decision making, reparing stage project
  • Lisa: yoga
  • Rosa: gentrification
  • Suz: free speech, freedom of expression

5. Jobs there Edit

Daniel and Natacha are responsible for the money. The asked participation will be at least 250 MDL each.

It was not clear whether we should have jobs for cooking or cleaning for example, if we should make small commissions or not, this will be decided there.

We insisted on the fact that we should archive the documents we make this year (on the contrary of last year: lost of the historian's talk, the plenare summaries, the brainstorming about ideas for the future, ...). An archive folder should stay there and informations added to thhe website.

6. Start-off Edit

Monday, 7 P.M., dinner and official opening (the early arrivals will cook)

  • Presentation of everybody
  • Short presentation of last year
  • History of the park -> Anatolie
  • Organisation:
    • Food
    • Plenara
    • Drinking water, garbage, toilets

Tuesday morning

  • First part, organised by Chris and Julien: hand signs, group functioning, consensus finding, plenara conduction, basic democracy
  • Second part, organised by Daniel and Natacha: purpose and aim of the camp, mission statement
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