Flyer for Space Camp 2011

Flyer for Space Camp 2011

The Space Camp 2011 took place from the 2nd to the 7th of July 2011 in the park. Around 40 people gathered during the week from Moldova, Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Ukraine and USA.

Different activities took place, such as workshops, jam sessions, meetings, cooking, cleaning the park, clearing the paths, creating and drawing map, writing The Manifesto, writing ideas for the future, making signs and decorations through the park.



Held by Tudor, several nights. Looking at stars with sky maps.

Concensus decision makingEdit

Kasia held the workshop where we learnt theory and techniques to take good decisions in consensus.

More informations about consensus decision making here.

First aidEdit

Held by Marcia.

Free softwareEdit

Held by Julien. Starting from history to definition of free sofwtares. Then how to be active, and discussions.

Laughing yogaEdit

Held by Taru, you can see how much fun we have in the photo here ==>
IMG 8302

Making a urinellaEdit

Held by Rosa, a way of peeing standing for girls, an example here

Making juggling balls and jugglingEdit

Held by Julien, a good explanation in a video.


Held by Avram. More informations on Wikipedia (as usual...).


A poi session, at night.
IMG 8384

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More pictures can be found on the pictures section.

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