The park itself offers a big variety of nature, it's own beautiful ecosystem and several buildings; a villa build by Bernadazzi, a water tower, a house for servants and stables, all from the late 19th century, as well as a building from a pioneer camp from the 20th century and a little stage. There are sleeping places, water sources (a well and springs), 2 lakes, a football and a basketball fields, good, fertile soil and toilets. There is the beginning of a library so you can bring literature to contribute to it. The park needs good people to take care of it, a long-term solution for toilets, cleaning of nature and the houses, restoration and renovation of buildings and eventually ecological solution for providing energy and electricity.

Be as self-sustainable as possible, this means you need gas/other cooking supplies and all you need for your activities.

Possibilities and ideas for the use of this place are to hold workshops and show skills you want to share with different people, including locals, create cultural events, conferences, trainings or different kinds of camps.

Please contact the space campers in advance of your stay (contact person is Anatolie Juraveli) and write a small report about your activities in this place, you will be included in the space community and be a part of a decision making process about this place.

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